Frequently Asked Questions

What is Backers?

Backers releases NFT artwork for the benefit of charities and other organizations. It utilizes various investment strategies to both grow the asset pool, fund charities and pay rewards to NFT holders.  We are building perpetual revenue streams for groups that are serving our communities.

What happens to the returns from investments?

45% will be reinvested (growing the pool), 25% to the charity, 25% to NFT holders and 5% will go to Operations, Treasury, Charity, Artists, Shareholders and Founders.  

What do I need to create an account?

You will need a metamask wallet to connect to our demo application. Other wallets will be added prior to our first mint. You will need to complete an SMS push to validate your cell phone prior to being added to the whitelist.

Where is Backers located?

Backers LLC is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is subject to their legal and regulatory environment. We have been working very hard to solve the issues facing our vision, our hurdles were never technical, they have always been regulatory.

What happens to the Ethereum received by Backers?

90% of the initial purchase price of our NFTs will form the initial asset pool, 10% is distributed to the Charity with 2% to Operations, Treasury, Artists, Shareholders and Founders.

Why are you doing this?

We love the much-needed solutions that DeFi has to offer for the problems of traditional finance, but we see too many promising projects fail their customers. So, we’ve come up with a way to develop assets that both retain their value, and pay you – for simply holding them. Our vision is to empower people with financial freedom to care for themselves and their communities.

Are some of your NFTs more valuable than others?

Each of our art pieces is unique and collectors will decide which specific artworks are the most valuable in secondary markets. However, all NFT holders will receive perpetual rewards from the protocol in the form of airdrops.

Why offshore?

The regulatory environment in the United States with regard to crypto is fluid and seem to lack any fundamental understanding of the protocols and technologies. We are now free to utilize whatever technology best suits our purposes.